On behalf of our team of artists, we want to thank you for following Parcel Arts! Since this is our first blog post, and since you might know not who we are or what we do, I’m going to give you a little introduction!

My name is Scarlett Larson and I’m the founder of Parcel Arts. Our goal at Parcel Arts is to engage and empower people of all ages, skill levels, and abilities through accessible art making experiences and art materials. We aim to inspire and encourage new and experienced artists to learn a new skill, explore their creativity, and share it with others.

We’re based in Minneapolis, MN. All of the coordination and prep happens in my home office, but “based” is a loose term because we are typically out on the road, serving communities and groups at their location or at their homes through a virtual model.

We have a small team of extremely skilled artists who are experienced in teaching both virtually and in-person. All of our instructors are master artisans who lead the field in their art form. I should also add that they’re all extremely fun to be around, so classes are welcoming, bubbling, and fun. Keep an eye out for upcoming blog posts where we will be highlighting each of our teaching artists!

I also receive occasional help from my 3.5 year old, nicknamed Ladybug, and our two chihuahuas, Zora and Falco. Ladybug is extremely talented in putting art supplies through rigorous testing, and she has a very strong opinion. Our dogs Zora and Falco ensure that everyone takes a break to pet them at 30-minute intervals.

If you’re interested in checking out the current classes that we offer, take a peek at our class page. Or if you’re looking to purchase high-quality art supplies for yourself or a loved one, check out our shop page now.

Again, thank you for joining us! Stay tuned for new class releases, art supply reviews, tutorials, tips, and other art hijinks!

Stay Creative,

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