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Parcel Arts’ mission is to engage and empower people of all ages, skill levels, and abilities through accessible art making experiences. Our classes inspire and encourage students to learn a new skill, explore their creativity, and share it with others.

In-Person Classes
A skilled teaching artist will come to your location to lead a group through the artistic process by providing in-person demonstrations, artistic support, and social engagement. The instructor will bring all materials on the day of class. We are happy to follow your safety protocols, please just let us know in advance. We can also switch the format to virtual, if the class type allows, and enough notice is given. In person classes run 90-120 minutes.

Virtual Classes
A professional teaching artist will meet with students live, through a virtual class session, to engage and support them through the artistic process. You will receive the kits approximately two weeks in advance (unless discussed otherwise) to distribute to students, so they come ready to unpack their creativity and meet with others from the comfort of their home. We can host classes through our Zoom account or use your preferred platform. Our Zoom account is secure and all classes are password protected. Virtual classes run 60-90 minutes .

Class Maximum
To ensure that each student has a successful outcome, we limit each class to 15 students, unless noted otherwise.

Art Parcels
Our Parcel Arts kits contain the tools and materials needed for the class, and everyone will get to keep all of their materials. For each class you will receive 16 Parcel Arts kits, one for each student and one for the leader or coordinator of the group. If you wish to have the parcels mailed directly to students, we can do so for an additional cost.

Recording Virtual Classes
Let us know upon booking if you would like to have your virtual class recorded and uploaded to a password protected website for students to access after class.

Scheduling and Registration
All classes need to be booked at least 30 days in advance to allow enough time for registration, time for preparation, shipment of art parcel kits, and ample time for your students to receive them. Program partners are responsible for student registration.

Cost and Payment
Please contact us for class costs. All classes have set costs that cover all materials, tools, and instruction. An additional mileage fee will be charged starting January 1, 2022. This covers the instructor’s mileage, kit drop off, or shipping, depending on class type.


Contact us at anytime! We’re here to answer all of your questions and to create a meaningful and memorable experience for your group.

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