Meet our teaching artists!

All of our artists are are highly skilled in teaching virtual and in-person classes. They are experts within their fields and are experienced in providing an encouraging and positive atmosphere for all students.

Scarlett Larson (she/her)

Owner and Teaching Artist

Scarlett Larson is an artist, educator, and entrepreneur, who thrives on creating unique experiences that inspire creative adventure. She has led educational programs in both NYC and MN, creating communities over the love of art, exploration, and play. She has collaborated with numerous other organizations including: Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Walker Art Center, Minnetonka Center for the Arts, and more. Outside of the arts, Scarlett enjoys running, rowing, gardening, and most of all creating new projects with her family.

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Ceci Lewis (she/her)

Teaching Artist

Ceci is an artist, educator, and avid gardener. Over the past two decades Ceci has transformed her yard and home into her artist studio. Combining the art of natural dyes and quilting, Ceci creates mesmerizing pieces of cloth with intricate marks. Ceci skills expand beyond the textile arts, she is a true jack-of-all-trades and thrives working with different groups of all ages and abilities.

Aside from the arts, Ceci loves cooking and sharing flavorful meals with her friends and family.

Jenny Stice (she/her/they/them)

Teaching Artist

Jenny Stice has been a teaching artist in Minnesota and Wisconsin for over 10 years. They’re skilled in numerous art techniques, but specialize in watercolor and embroidery. Jenny believes that a meaningful art practice can’t be limited by a persons age, ability, or experience, and enjoys guiding students to recognize their creative potential. In their spare time, Jenny loves to create artwork influenced by Dungeons and Dragons and other magical creatures.

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Teaching Artist

Shea Maze (he/him)

Shea Maze is a mixed media artist and educator based in South Minneapolis. Previously, Shea worked as a chef. However, In the last couple of years his focus has been transferring his creativity in the kitchen to the studio and classrooms all over Minnesota. His constant exploration of medium and techniques set him apart, along with his ability to create community over the love of art. In addition to his creative endeavors, Shea enjoys traveling, live entertainment, and hanging out with his loved ones.

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Shelley Shelton (she/her)

Teaching Artist

Shelley Shelton is an artist, educator, and avid baker. She has been teaching art in her local community and schools since 2008. She has a passion for abstract art and watercolor. Outside of the arts, Shelley enjoys fitness, cooking, and spending time with her husband and sweet girls.

Blue Delliquanti (they/them)

Teaching Artist

Blue Delliquanti is an award-winning comic artist and writer based in Minneapolis. From 2012 to 2020 Blue drew and serialized the online comic O Human Star, and their book Across A Field Of Starlight will be published by Random House Graphic in 2022.

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Sara Tibbetts (she/her)

Teaching Artist

Sara is an artist and educator who enjoys drawing, painting, constructing dollhouses, embroidery, and exploring new ideas and mediums.  She has been inspired to create since childhood, which manifests in her whimsical work and enthusiasm for art. In the past couple years, she set a goal to have a daily and productive art practice, resulting in new work posted on social media regularly. Two wonderful cats keep her company in her home studio, including the occasional jump into a dollhouse or tangle with embroidery thread! 

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