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We’ve been cooling off during these dog days of summer by developing some fresh classes for winter and spring. We have four new classes for this season, making a total of 17 different art-making experiences that you can bring to any group, in-person or virtually.

Award winning writer and comic artist, Blue Delliquanti, will be teaching an additional class this coming season called Comic Animals. They will be teaching students how to draw playful animals with different facial features and expressions. Each Art Parcel includes a drawing pencil with eraser, Parcel Arts Sketchbook, and a Pigma Micron Pen.

Embroidery: Experimenting with Stitches is a new class where students will learn multiple embroidery stitches and different techniques to bring them to the next level. Art Parcels for this class include an embroidery hoop, muslin cloth, 3 colors of embroidery floss, and an embroidery needle.

An amazing partner of ours asked if we could provide a greeting cards class, and we were thrilled to put one together! Watercolor Greeting Cards covers different wet and dry watercolor techniques to layer and blend custom made cards for your loved ones. Our watercolor Art Parcel for this class contains a paintbrush, paint palette, watercolor paper cards, and 4 colors of liquid watercolor.

Last but not least is our Artist Trading Cards class that teaches students how use watercolor pencils to draw, paint, blend, and layer colors to create your own collectable artist cards. If you haven’t tried using watercolor pencils before, it is a MUST. They’re easy to use, extremely versatile, and so much fun to play around with! The huge bonus for this class is that the kits contain artist trading cards that are made for watercolor AND a Royal and Langnickel carrying tin that holds the watercolor pencils, brush, and eraser. That way your group can continue to draw and paint well after class is complete.

With the pandemic in mind, Parcel Arts aims to be as flexible, accessible, and safe as possible. All of our instructors are trained and experienced in teaching in-person and virtually, so if you wish, we can switch the vast majority of our in-person to classes to virtual with just a couple weeks notice. Please just let us know that it could change at the time of booking.

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